Acquisition of the Denmoss Wind Turbine

04 Sep 2020

Broadview Energy is pleased to announce that Eolian Three Limited has completed the acquisition of another Enercon Feed in Tariff project.

Broadview Energy is pleased to announce that Eolian Three Limited has acquired Denmoss Wind Limited from an affiliate of Muirden Energy.  Denmoss is the owner of a 500kW Enercon wind turbine is located in Huntly, Aberdeenshire, which commenced operation in July 2015. Broadview Energy will manage the project on behalf of Eolian Three Limited.

Jeffrey Corrigan, Managing Director, Broadview Energy, said “This is a high-quality asset and we are pleased that our funding and project structuring allowed us to offer a valuation that proved attractive to the project’s vendor.”

Denmoss is Eolian Three’s seventh acquisition since its inception in October 2017.

Notes to editors:

About Eolian Three

Eolian Three was established by Broadview Energy in October 2017 to invest in attractive small-scale renewable energy opportunities. In addition to Broadview, it currently has a small group of individual shareholders, many of whom have experience in the industry. Following the Denmoss wind turbine acquisition, the Eolian Three portfolio consists of seven Feed in Tariff wind projects.

About Broadview Energy Limited

Broadview Energy was established in 2006 and has successfully developed, financed, constructed and managed several renewable energy projects throughout the United Kingdom. In addition to managing its own projects, it provides management services to Eolian Three as well as other investment funds.

More information on the Denmoss project and Eolian Three can be obtained via Broadview Energy’s website

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